Commercial Loading Permit Program

The Commercial Loading Permit Program ensures space at loading zones and 20-minute meters for commerical vehicle loading and unloading. Learn more about the Commercial Loading Permit Program

Two Permits Available

  1. Permit for commercial vehicles more than six metres in length - $300 per year (plus GST)
    For use at standard commercial truck loading zones

  2. Permit for commercial vehicles less than six metres in length - $100 per year (plus GST)
    For commercial use while actively loading and unloading at 20-minute meters

Permit decals are available for purchase at Victoria City Hall. 


The new Commercial Loading Permit Program provides increased access to downtown commercial loading zones as large trucks more than six metres require the length of those zones to park, and do not have other options.

Commercial vehicles less than six metres in length are able to fit into regular 20-minute vehicle parking spaces, so the $100 per year permit will provide an option for these commercial vehicles to purchase an annual permit to park at 20-minute meters, or continue to pay for 20-minute meters when required.


The Provincial Government ended its permit program that allowed commercial vehicles to load and unload at downtown commercial loading zones. The City introduced a new Commercial Loading Permit program on January 1, 2020.