Parking for People With Disabilities

We're committed to providing a positive parking experience downtown.

Dedicated Metered On-Street Parking Spaces

The City has designated 28 metered on-street parking spaces in the downtown core for use by people with a valid disabled placard on their vehicle. Drivers with disabilities are able to purchase up to two hours of parking time at these spaces. All 28 spaces meet the physical requirements of specially equipped vehicles.

Accessible On-Street Parking Spaces Map
The locations of these on-street spaces were selected to provide maximum accessibility throughout the downtown core. A map showing the locations is available here [PDF - 372 KB].

Payment Options

Payment can be made by coin or the City's Parking Card. Drivers who are physically unable to deposit coins or use a Parking Card can purchase a pass for $20 per year at City Hall with confirmation of eligibility from the Disability Resource Centre.

The City recognizes that the demand for the 28 dedicated spaces may, at times, outstrip supply. To maximize choice and accessibility, the City is offering an additional hour of free parking time at any 90 minute (or greater) parking space for drivers displaying a valid BC Disability Parking Permit in their vehicle.

You can apply for a BC Disability Parking Permit online at the Victoria Disability Resource Centre or at one of their locations. Learn more.

City of Victoria Parking Permits

The City of Victoria offers two types of parking permits for people with disabilities: a Monthly Permit and a Periodic All-Day Permit.

These permits have been created to enhance people's mobility and accessibility to jobs and services, while offering maximum flexibility. Drivers with a valid BC Disability Parking Permit can purchase a City of Victoria Parking Permit from the Public Service Centre at City Hall, weekdays from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

  • Monthly Permit
    Parking Access - Unlimited parking access at any on-street metered space seven days a week, 24 hours per day (excluding 20-minute meters and 28 parking meters for people with disabilities). Cost: $60 per month.

    Note - The Monthly Permit is specifically for employees and students in the downtown core. A letter is required from the employer or school in order to purchase this subsidized permit.

  • Periodic All-Day Permit
    Parking Access - One-day access at any on-street metered space (excluding 20-minute meters and 28 parking meters for people with disabilities). Cost: $4 per day.