Accessible Parking

The City of Victoria is taking steps to become a more inclusive community by providing safe and convenient accessible parking stalls for people with disabilities. 

Victoria has more than 50 accessible public parking stalls located throughout the municipality. These stalls serve short term parking needs for those residents and visitors with valid BC Parking Permits for Persons with Disabilities (also known as accessible parking permits).

 New Design Criteria for Public Stalls: 

In February 2021 the City of Victoria developed new design criteria to update the size, signage, paint markings and overall design of accessible parking stalls in city-owned parkades, surface lots and city streets. We recognize that many of our existing stalls were established several years ago and may not adequately account for the diverse parking and loading needs of people with disabilities in our community.  

Once design criteria and associated bylaws are finalized in summer 2021, the City will undertake a comprehensive retrofit project to upgrade existing stalls in several locations. We will also be expanding accessible parking options throughout our downtown core and within village centres. Stay tuned to this website to learn more about our latest news and photos. 

Accessible Stalls in City Parkades: 

  • Broughton Street – 5 accessible space 

  • Centennial Square – 2 accessible spaces  

  • Johnson Street – 3 accessible spaces  

  • Bastion Square (Yates Street) Parkade – 8 accessible spaces  

  • View Street Parkade – 12 accessible spaces 

Accessible On-Street Parking Spaces 

The City has designated on-street parking spaces in the downtown core for use by people with valid accessible parking permits on their vehicle. Drivers can purchase up to two hours of parking time at these spaces.

There is an additional hour of free parking at regular metered (90 minute zone or more) on-street parking spaces for drivers displaying a valid accessible parking permit in their vehicle.  Note - this additional hour free does not apply to parking stalls that are posted at 90-minutes or less or accessible parking stalls. 

Drivers with accessible parking permits can park for up to four hours for free on Sundays at regular metered on-street parking spaces.

Payment can be made by coin or with the City's Parking Card. Drivers who are physically unable to deposit coins or use a Parking Card can purchase a pass for $20 per year at City Hall with confirmation of eligibility from the Victoria Disability Resource Centre. 

Accessible Parking Map

To review current locations of accessible parking stalls in the downtown core, click on the map below.

 Accessible Parking Permits 

The City of Victoria offers two types of subsidized parking permits to support people with disabilities who regularly commute and park in our downtown core. 

  • Monthly Permit -$60/month - unlimited parking access at any on-street metered space seven days a week, 24 hours per day (excluding 20-minute meters and 28 parking meters for people with disabilities).  

  • Periodic All-Day Permit -$4/day - One-day access at any on-street metered space (excluding 20-minute meters and 28 parking meters for people with disabilities).  

Drivers with a valid BC Disability Parking Permit can purchase a City of Victoria Parking Permit from the Public Service Centre at City Hall, weekdays from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m 

Note - The Monthly Permit is specifically for employees and students in the downtown core. A letter is required from the employer or school in order to purchase this subsidized permit. 

Reporting misuse of accessible parking permits 

To use an accessible parking space, you must display your parking permit (or other recognized disabled exemption). Otherwise, your vehicle will be ticketed and towed.  Only use your permit when the permit holder is in the vehicle, and keep the permit up-to-date. 

For more information on Victoria’s commitment to accessibility through our services, programs, and built environment, visit the City’s Accessibility webpage.