The City of Victoria operates five parkades downtown which are open 24/7 and offer more than 1,800 parking spaces.

City Parkades

The City's five parkades were built to provide parking for shoppers and visitors. While some commuters can be accommodated, City parkades do not have the capacity to host all downtown commuters and are primarily for short-term use. The maximum height in all City parkades is 6 feet by 6 inches.

City Parkade Rates:

The City has established a reduced parking fee structure during COVID-19 to help support people who still need to come downtown to park. View the revised rates here 

Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., payable in 15-minute increments:

  • First Hour Free
  • Second and Third Hour is $2 per hour
  • Fourth Hour and up is $3 per hour
  • Vehicle Day Rate $16 (except at Bastion Square Parkade $17.50)
  • Motorcycle Day Rate $4 (Note: Motorcycle parking is available at all City parkades except Johnson Street Parkade.)
  • Lost ticket is charged the day rate

Free Evenings 6 p.m. - 8 a.m.
Free Sundays and Holidays

Payment can be made by cash or credit card. No debit.

Where are the City's five parkades?

View the Parking Fact Sheet & Map to see the location of the City's five parkades:

  • Bastion Square Parkade - 575 Yates Street  (361 parking spaces)
  • Broughton Street Parkade - 745 Broughton Street (below the Central Library, 544 parking spaces)
  • Centennial Square Parkade - 645 Fisgard Street (188 parking spaces)
  • Johnson Street Parkade - 750 Johnson Street (232 parking spaces)
  • View Street Parkade - 743 View Street (531 parking spaces)

Did You Know?

  • Lower levels of City parkades are signed as three-hour maximum parking Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • There are a range of payment options.
  • You need your entry ticket to exit a parkade, even when parking is free.
  • The SafeWalk service provides you with the option of calling 250.686.3715 to arrange for a parkade security guard to meet and accompany you to your vehicle.
  • Parkades are open 24/7, provide on-site security and are conveniently located within two blocks of all downtown attractions.
  • There are 2 - 4 electric vehicle parking stations per parkade. Regular parkade rates apply.
  • Electric bike charging stations and free covered bicycle parking are available in City parkades.
  • LED parking space counters are installed outside of the City's five parkades to indicate space availability.

Scheduled Elevator Maintenance at City Parkades

Scheduled elevator maintenance takes place at City parkades the third week of each month, except in December.

Find Parking Downtown with VicMap 

Did you know you can view and learn more about parking in Victoria using the City's new VicMap?

This interactive mapping system enables you to view maps that illustrate the location of City parkades and pay stations, metered and non-metered parking spaces, the City's four surface parking lots, neighbourhood parking, as well as electric vehicle charging stations and bike parking. You can also create your own maps.  View the Interactive Parking Map.

How to Use - Once you have the map open, to make it interactive, click on the red icon "I want to" at the top left corner of the screen. Select from the pull-down menu "Turn map data on/off", then click on "Show Legend" at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Learn more about VicMap. For assistance, please email

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Did you know that 13 Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations are available at the following City parkades?

  • Bastion Square Parkade (two stations)
  • Broughton Street Parkade (four stations)
  • Centennial Square Parkade (two stations)
  • Johnson Street Parkade (two stations)
  • View Street Parkade (three stations)

Regular parking fees apply. There is no additional fee to use the charging stations.

How to Use
To use an electric vehicle charging station, please download the free FLO EV Charging Network app to your smartphone and follow the instructions.

You can also obtain a FLO access card by visiting the FLO website and following the “Getting Started” instructions.

The charging stations allow EV charging for a maximum of three hours. Note: Parking in EV designated spaces without vehicle charging is not permitted.

All City parkades also offer electric bike charging stations and free covered parking for bicycles

Monthly Parkade Rates

Note: We are not accepting names for the wait lists below at this time.
Monthly parkade rates for vehicles are as follows. GST is applicable.

Please note that rates will change as of June 1, 2019.

Centennial Square Parkade
(645 Fisgard Street)
Wait list - $165 As of June 1, 2019:
Johnson Street Parkade
(750 Johnson Street)
Wait list - $185 $200
Bastion Square Parkade
(575 Yates Street)
Wait list - $220 $240
View Street Parkade
(743 View Street)
Wait list - $220 $240
Broughton Street Parkade
(745 Broughton)
Wait list - $220 $240

Click here for information about motorcycle parking rates.