Residential Parking

Residential parking zones are in place to ensure that Victoria residents have access to on-street parking on their block. These zones are signed as “Residential Parking Only”.

Residential streets that are located close to downtown or near community amenities such as Royal Jubilee Hospital, Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, Royal Athletic Park or shopping centres are also signed as “Residential Parking Only.”

Only residents, their visitors or contractors working on the residence that fronts the residential parking zone may park there.

Residential parking zones apply 24/7. There is no time limit to how long a vehicle can be parked in a residential parking zone.

Considering Moving?  Call Parking Services to see if you are entitled to park in Residential Parking

Residential Parking List

To park in a residential parking zone, a resident is required to have their vehicle licence plate number on file with City of Victoria Parking Services. Please email with proof of residency such as a photo of a Driver’s Licence or vehicle registration to ensure your vehicle licence plate number is on file.

Guest Parking

Residents who anticipate a guest (or contractor) will be visiting and parked for more than seven days can email with proof of residency (driver's licence or vehicle registration) to have the vehicle temporarily registered.

If a guest or contractor is parking for less than seven days, and a ticket is issued, please email with the parking ticket number and proof of residency (driver's licence or vehicle registration) to have the ticket cancelled.

How to Report a Parking Offence

Parking tickets are issued on a complaint basis when a resident of the street contacts City of Victoria Parking Services to report the vehicle’s licence plate number. If this licence plate number is not included on the City’s Residential Parking List, the vehicle will be issued a parking ticket. To report a parking offence, call 250.361.0260.

What to do if a Parking Ticket is Issued in Error

If a resident or their guest is issued a parking ticket in error, the ticket can be cancelled by emailing with proof of the homeowner's residency, such as a photo of a driver’s licence or vehicle registration.