Taxi Hydrant Zones

Parking is in high demand in downtown Victoria. When waiting for fares, taxis frequently use on-street parking spaces which reduces the availability of on-street parking.

Based on best practices of other cities, taxi drivers are able to wait for fares at eight identified taxi hydrant zones as long as they remain in their vehicle and relocate immediately upon the approach or arrival of an emergency vehicle.

Each of the eight zones has space for one taxi only. There is no time limit on how long a taxi can wait at a taxi hydrant zone.


Taxi Hydrant Zones are marked with signage and are located at:   

  • 1632 Store Street
  • 1200 Government Street
  • 761 Fort Street
  • 827 Fort Street
  • 634 Humboldt Street
  • 728 Humboldt Street
  • 930 Fort Street
  • 1030 Fort Street

The zones increase the number of available areas where taxis can wait, freeing up valuable on-street parking spaces for downtown visitors to access local businesses; provide an efficient use of downtown space; increase the capacity of existing taxi zones; and help reduce taxi idling and emissions downtown.

The designated zones are primarily to be used for a taxi to wait for the next fare, but the public can also hail a cab from these nine locations.

Taxis provide an essential transportation service to the community by reducing the overall number of private vehicles on the roads and providing transportation to visitors to Victoria and to those with mobility issues.

The fire hydrant locations were selected based on safety considerations such as having a secondary fire hydrant nearby and maintaining pedestrian and vehicle sightlines.

Stopping at any other fire hydrant is prohibited. The zones are monitored for compliance by the City’s Parking Ambassadors and the Victoria Fire Department. The fine for illegally parking at a taxi hydrant zone is $60.

The one-year pilot of six hydrants was a success in 2017, and two more have been added since the start of 2018.