Rose Garden

On June 3, 2014, long-time Victoria resident, Anne Steers, was recognized for donating the new rose garden to Beacon Hill Park at a community celebration.

New Rose Garden at Beacon Hill Park 

What began as an inquiry about donating a memorial bench and climbing rose in memory of a loved one, led to the creation of the new rose garden in Beacon Hill Park. The community gathered on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, to recognize long-time Victoria resident, Rebecca Anne Steers, for her contribution to the park. Anne donated the rose garden as a memorial to her late husband Ernie Steers.

The new, 140 square-metre rose garden contains 150 roses in a variety of colours and species, set in a wheel pattern with granular pathways in between.  An ornamental fence protects the garden from deer and features a custom-iron gate selected for its heritage design, an iron arbor and four obelisks.

New bench seating, extended paved pathways, and new plantings connect the rose garden to Queen’s Lake situated nearby. The rose garden is located across from the goats in the Petting Zoo, off Circle Drive.


In late fall, the City will plant a small arboretum, featuring approximately 10 ornamental and unique tree species at the location of the previous rose garden. The garden was moved to better connect it to the park's perennial garden.


The event included an official ribbon cutting by Mayor Dean Fortin, Anne Steers and her good friend Dr. Dave Hepburn, who spoke on her behalf. 




A plaque was also unveiled in the rose garden that features a poem by Anne, which reads:


I bring love, I bring joy
I bring peace and happiness
To all who bring me to you.

                       Rebecca Anne Steers

The community enjoyed complimentary refreshments and live music by string quartet, Son Risa Ensemble. The Rose recording by Bette Midler was played upon Anne's request.

About the Roses

Some of the roses that are featured in the new rose garden include climbing red and yellow roses such as Santana and Gold Bunny; Hybrid Tea Roses such as Grande Amore red rose and yellow Peaudouce Elina; Floribunda roses such as the fragrant lavender coloured Poseidon and the deep pink Pomponella Fair Tale; as well as the apricot Westerland and the orange-yellow Mutabilis, a Chinensis variety.

List of Red Roses
Gold Bunny (climbing rose)
Grand Amore
Grimm Brother Fairy Tale
Kosmos Fairy Tale
Pomponella Fairy Tale
Red Riding Hood
Santana (red climbing roses on arbor)
Souvenire de Baden-Baden (Pink Enchantment)
Westerlands Mutabilis


It is Anne's hope that those in love will have their wedding photos taken under the arbor in the rose garden.

On behalf of all those who will enjoy the new rose garden in Beacon Hill Park, now and in years to come, thank you Anne.

History Snapshot

The original rose garden in Beacon Hill Park became an ornamental show piece for the park in the 1930s. It was originally located at the north end of the ornamental area, now the Sun Dial garden bed, prior to being moved to its previous southwest perennial bed location in the 1980s. Poor, wet soil conditions were the reasons it was moved.

The original rose garden was the product of W.H. Warren, who served as the Superintendent/ Administrator of Beacon Hill Park from 1930 to 1970. Warren envisioned Beacon Hill Park becoming a tourist destination that would rival Butchart Gardens. Although his vision never fully came to fruition. the original rose garden that Warren helped to establish in 1935 attracted residents and visitors to the park.