Boulevard Gardening

Boulevard gardens add vibrancy to streets and improve local food security.

Learn more about boulevard gardening: Boulevard Gardening Fact Sheet 

Read the Boulevard Gardening Guidelines: Boulevard Gardening Guidelines

What is a boulevard garden?
Generally speaking, boulevards are the grassy strip of land between a property and the street and are owned by the City. The majority of boulevards have grass and trees between the sidewalk and the curb. 

Why consider a boulevard garden?
Boulevard gardens can create more beautiful, interesting and diverse streets, add character to neighbourhoods and increase community pride. They can also support environmental benefits such as increasing ecological diversity and providing bird, butterfly and pollinator habitats. Working on the boulevard can bloom into community building, traffic calming and healthier living. Edible plants can improve the availability of fresh, local and sustainable food sources.

Who can create a boulevard garden?
Property owners can create gardens on boulevards immediately adjacent to their property. They can also give tenants or other groups permission to garden in these spaces. 

What’s included in the guidelines?
Introduced in 2016, the guidelines outline the safety, accessibility, maintenance and aesthetic elements that should be considered, and the legal responsibilities of managing a specific area of the boulevard.

Do I need to apply to plant a boulevard garden?
Boulevard gardens do not require City approval, but the guidelines must to be followed. Property owners are also encouraged to share details of their gardens with the City to help evaluate the success of the guidelines.

What to do if you’re considering a Boulevard Garden:

  • Review the Boulevard Gardening Guidelines.
  • Call before you dig: Call BC One Call at 1.800.474.6886 to see if there are any utility lines under the boulevard. To see if there are sewer, stormwater or water lines in your area, also contact the Parks Department with your full name, address and telephone number a minimum of 10 days prior to commencing any gardening activities at or 250.361.0600.
  • Dig with care: Use hand tools only and follow the directions from the utility companies.

Please contact with questions and comments, or to share information about your garden.

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Growing in the City Grants  

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