Park Improvements

Each year, the City of Victoria upgrades a number of its parks and playgrounds.

Before any work begins, the community is engaged to hear their ideas and determine what they would like to see improved. 

Current Park Improvements

  • Cecelia Ravine Park:  Thank you for sharing your feedback in 2017. The engagement summaries from Phase 1 and Phase 2 are now available. The next step is to take the engagement summary and a draft improvement plan to Council in mid-2018. The final improvement plan will be used to guide the construction of park improvements starting in 2018. Learn more here.
  • Topaz Park: In 2018, the City will continue to work with the community to develop a park improvement plan.  Learn more here

  • Hollywood Park: Upgrades to the baseball and soccer fields will begin in 2017 with completition scheduled for 2018. Learn more here.

  • Victoria West Park: This park will be upgraded through a park improvement plan over the next few years. In 2016, this included a new playground, a new fenced dog off-leash area and upgrades and repairs to the beginner bowl of the skate park. Learn more here

  • Reeson Park: An accessible pathway through this waterfront park is nearing completion.  Learn more here.

  • Dallas Road Waterfront Pathway: Increased dog-off leash education and enforcement will continue through the summer to reduce conflicts between dogs and pedestrians along this popular pathway. Learn more here.

  • Beacon Hill Park: In September, a popular footpath was paved to provide better access around the playground, tennis courts, public washroom and cricket field, between Nursery Road and Cook Street. In November, the building at the top of Beacon Hill, Checkers Pavilion, was taken down to prepare for a future First Nations longhouse. Learn more here.

Recently Improved Parks

  • Raynor Park: The new playground and other park improvements are now complete.  Learn more here.
  • Begbie Green: This green space was redesigned based on the community's feedback. Learn more here.
  • Quadra Heights Park Playground: In 2015 this park was upgraded with a new play structure and natural play area. Learn more here.
  • Clawthorpe Park Playground: These park improvements included new play equipment, bicycle parking, and a sand play area. Learn more here.
  • MacDonald Park: The sports field was improved to provide a safer playing surface and to increase the green space. Learn more here.
  • Rockland Avenue Greenway: The creation of this greenway increases our walking and cycling opportunities, while adding greenspace downtown. Learn more here.


Click here to view a list of past park improvements.