Beacon Hill Park

Road Changes in Beacon Hill Park

In August 2012, the City began piloting road changes in Beacon Hill Park to reduce traffic and make the park more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the proposed changes during public consultation (August 2012 – August 2013). 

Based on community input, some of the piloted changes will be made permanent this year. In addition, a portion of Bridge Way will be modified to include one lane of eastbound traffic for motorists and a multi-use pathway, connecting to Heywood Avenue.

This Summer

Modifications to Bridge Way will be implemented using cost-effective measures such as bollards, street painting and new signage. This work is anticipated to be completed by the end of June and will include:

Bridge Way: Bridge Way from Arbutus Way to Heywood Way will be reopened one-way eastbound for motorists.

  • A new multi-use path will be installed from Arbutus Way to Heywood Way
  • Parking stalls will be provided in front of the washroom building on Bridge Way.
  • Motorists will be able to exit the park northward on Heywood Way but there will be no vehicle access to Circle Drive.

This Fall

The following piloted road changes will be made permanent in the fall:

Chestnut Row:  Located between Arbutus Way and Circle Drive, Chestnut Row has changed direction, becoming one-way southbound for motorists.

  • Motorists have the opportunity to turn left (east) and right (west) from Chestnut Row onto Circle Drive to exit the park at Dallas Road or Douglas Street.
  • The route serves as a primary horse and carriage pathway in the park. 

Circle Drive: Between Chestnut Row and Dallas Road, Circle Drive is one-way eastbound, heading out of the park.

  • The westbound lane (leading into the park from Dallas Road up to the Petting Zoo crosswalk) serves as a multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • New designated parking for families and seniors is provided.

Heywood Way: Between Bridge Way and Circle Drive, create a multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists.

Here is a map of the road changes in the park that will be made permanent in 2014. [PDF - 6.3 MB]

Why the Road Changes?

The road changes in Beacon Hill Park are designed to:

  • Improve safety and accessibility by converting some existing roads to pedestrian, wheelchair and bicycle-friendly pathways.
  • Reduce parallel parking in the park to improve user safety and park aesthetics.
  • Provide designated parking for seniors and families close to park amenities.
  • Promote existing, under-used parking lots in the park.
  • Reduce opportunities for motorists to shortcut and speed through the park, which can result in vehicle collisions with park users and wildlife.
  • Increase green space.