Piloted Road Changes

During the year-long pilot (August 2012 to August 2013), motorists could drive in and out of the park and have access to recreation features and parking. All of the parking lots remained open and street parking in front of the Petting Zoo, Cricket Pitch, and Watering Can were available.

Motorists could enter the park from Arbutus Way off Southgate Street and at Circle Drive off Douglas Street; and exit the park from Circle Drive at Dallas Road and Douglas Street. Motorists had access to the Cricket Pitch off Heywood Avenue, but there was no through traffic to Circle Drive.

Please see the map and descriptions below for changes to road access and direction in Beacon Hill Park during the pilot.
1) Arbutus Way:  One-way vehicle access into the park remained at Southgate Street, but parallel parking was reduced and restricted to time limits on weekday mornings.
2) Chestnut Row:  Located between Arbutus Way and Circle Drive, Chestnut Row changed direction, becoming one-way southbound for motorists.
  • Three parallel parking spaces designated for families and seniors were provided.
  • Motorists had the opportunity to turn left (east) and right (west) from Chestnut Row onto Circle Drive to exit the park at Dallas Road or Douglas Street.
  • The route served as a primary horse and carriage pathway in the park.  
3) Bridge Way:  The road was closed to traffic at the crosswalk next to the public washrooms. New curbing enabled vehicles to turn around and take Chestnut Row to Circle Drive.
  • Two new designated parking spots for people with mobility challenges were provided.
  • A new multi-use path was available from the public washrooms to Heywood Way on the closed road.
  • The route was part of a proposed Trans Canada Trail connection.
4) Circle Drive: Between Chestnut Row and Dallas Road, Circle Drive was one-way eastbound, heading out of the park.
  • The westbound lane (leading into the park from Dallas Road up to the Petting Zoo crosswalk) served as a multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • New designated parking for families and seniors was provided.
  • The route wa part of the proposed Trans Canada Trail connection.
5) Heywood Way: The southbound lane of Heywood Way ended at the Cricket Pitch in the park, with no vehicle access to Circle Drive. Designated vehicle parking and a turn-around area were available.
  • Heywood Way between Circle Drive and Bridge Way were converted into a multi-use trail. 
  • The route was part of the proposed Trans Canada Trail.