Dallas Road Waterfront Pathway

The waterfront green space along Dallas Road is a popular destination, enjoyed by many people for a variety of uses. Located between Douglas Street and Clover Point, the green space offers a flat walking path and access to the stretch of beaches and shoreline.

Kite enthusiasts, paragliders and sailboarders can also take advantage of the landscape, which offers a view across the Strait of Juan De Fuca.

Dog Off-Leash Area

There is an off-leash area in the green space, located between Dallas Road and the pathway, from Douglas Street to Clover Point. Please note dogs are required to be on a leash when on the pathway and anywhere south of the pathway (towards the water). 

To balance the needs of all users of the pathway and park, the City of Victoria has additional Animal Control Bylaw presence during summer evenings and weekends to educate dog owners and ensure they have close supervision of their dogs and carry a leash at all times.

More information about the Paws in Parks program and dog off-leash areas can be found here.