Quadra Heights Park Playground

The City of Victoria is now upgrading Quadra Heights Park.

About Quadra Heights Park

Quadra Heights Park is located in the Hillside/Quadra neighbourhood. The park is north of Finlayson Street, east of Blanshard Street and south of Tolmie Avenue, near the Saanich municipal border.  It can be accessed from Villance Street and Rutledge Street and from a path from Reed Street.

  • It is one of Victoria’s small neighbourhood parks, at about 1 acre in size.
  • The park currently features a playground with benches, a picnic table and several mature trees as well as a pathway connection to Reed Street.
  • The old playground was installed 15 years ago.  It included swings, a play structure, and a merry-go-round.


Here is an update about what we heard from the community and the improvements you will see at the park over the coming months.


What We Heard

During the spring engagement, nearby residents and the general public were invited to participate in two open houses and an online survey.  Idea boards were also placed in the park to collect ideas. 

Several themes were heard during engagement:

  • A request for a combination of natural play areas and manufactured play equipment
  • Swings were the most popular type of playground equipment
  • There was an interest in reducing the amount of sand, with support for keeping a small sanded area
  • The open space and the trees were enjoyed by many
  • Keep the merry-go-round
  • Better lighting was requested as were more picnic tables and benches
  • A few issues surrounding dogs were raised including requests for clearer bylaw signage, requests for a fenced area and requests for a bag dispenser
  • There was interest in zipline and water features.

You can read the full engagement summary here.  A conceptual plan for the park improvements was created in response to what was heard, along with the available budget and site limitations.  Some requests including those for a zipline and water features were not possible due to budget or site limitations.

What We’re Doing

The park improvements will include a new play structure and a natural play area.  The play structure will include a side-by-side slide, monkey bars and climbing features. Engineered woodchips will be the base under the play structure.  The existing swings and the merry-go-round were popular and will remain in the park. The natural play area will include a sand play area with a sand chute and a ‘log circuit’ to improve balance.

This is an image of what the new play structure will look like when installed.


Other improvements will include a new pathway, a seating area with new benches and bicycle parking.  The open grass area and the popular large trees will be retained.  The existing picnic table will also stay in place.


If you have questions about these playground improvements you can call 250.361.0600 or email parks@victoria.ca.