Raynor Park


Raynor Park is located in the Victoria West neighbourhood, close to Banfield Park and the Vic West Community Centre.  It is 0.17 hectares and one of the City’s smaller parks.

This spring you shared your ideas for park improvements with us.  Here is a summary of what we heard, along with the complete survey results:

Raynor Park Engagement Summary.pdf [PDF - 2.3 MB] 

Raynor Park Engagement Survey.pdf [PDF - 115 KB]

Here is the final improvement plan:

Raynor Park final playground concept.pdf [PDF - 888 KB]

Construction took place this summer and the new playground is now complete.

The new playground includes a natural play area with sand and log features, along with a play structure and a disc swing.   The improvements also include a new pathway, picnic area, benches and lighting. 

During the community engagement, the City heard there was demand for play opportunities  for young children. To reflect this need the new play feature has been designed for children between the ages of 2 to 5.  The disc swing can be used by a wide range of ages including small children with adults,  teenagers or seniors. 

Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us.  We hope you enjoy these park improvements!

If you have any questions please email parks@victoria.ca.