Reeson Park Engagement

In the summer of 2016 and the spring of 2017 the City of Victoria asked the community for feeback to help guide future investment in Reeson Park.

In 2016 we heard that Reeson Park should:

• Be a park that feels safe and welcoming, with clear views and better lighting at night

• Become a community destination that appeals to all ages

• Allow continued access to the waterfront shoreline

• Provide a passive space to enjoy the waterfront view

• Provide some opportunity for busking and/or food vending

• Have some open grass area for picnicking and play

• Incorporate large seating steps with usability in all seasons


A draft vision and park design, was shared with the community in the spring of 2017.  After considering community feedback, Council asked that further planning be put on hold and that the new Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan be considered.

At this time the only planned work for this park is pathway improvements along the shoreline.  This pathway is part of the David Foster Harbour Pathway and will connect neighbouring properties.