Topaz Park

Update: June 2019

On June 6, Council directed staff to update the Topaz Park Improvement Plan, to focus on designing a replacement of the current artificial turf field, while also increasing support for a planned new artificial turf field at Victoria High School in partnership with School District 61. Council clarified that although a second artificial turf field at Topaz Park was not being prioritized in the immediate future, direction was given to ensure that sufficient space was provided in the north-west corner of the park to accommodate a potential second field in the future. The new approach will reduce the City’s capital funding requirement, prioritize the completion of two field projects in two neighbourhoods, and allow flexibility to expand capacity in the future at Topaz Park. Detailed design and consultation work will be underway in Fall 2019. Click here or on the image to see the updated site map showing the new orientation of the field. We will provide further updates on public engagement opportunities as the design process progresses this year. 

Topaz Park

Topaz Park is located in the Hillside Quadra neighbourhood between Topaz Avenue and Finlayson Street, along Blanshard Street. It is Victoria’s third largest park and includes a variety of sport and community features, including an artificial turf field and a sport box.

Park Features

  • Four sports fields – including one artificial turf field
  • Sport box
  • Washrooms
  • Dog leash-optional areas
  • Playground
  • Natural areas
  • Fitness equipment

To book a sports field, or find out a field's current condition, click here.

Topaz Park Improvement Plan

In 2017-2018, the City worked with the community to create an improvement plan for Topaz. This long-term plan will guide improvements to Topaz Park over the next 10 years, including renovating existing park infrastructure, adding new types of amenities, and updating the park to support broad community use. The Topaz Park Improvement Plan was approved by Council in June 2018.

Key features of the plan include:

  • Improved sports fields and recreational facilities.
  • A greater diversity of park activities, including a new skateboard park, bike skills park, pickleball courts, and tennis courts.
  • A more cohesive, accessible, and family-friendly park layout.

Read the Topaz Park Improvement Plan and the Topaz Park Improvement Plan Appendices including:

  • Engagement Summary
  • Parking Impact Assessment
  • Artificial Turf Feasibility Study
  • Accessibility Baseline Study 


Community Engagement Process

The Topaz Park Improvement Plan was created with input from three phases of community engagement:

  • Phase 1: Generate Ideas (Spring 2017): The first phase of community consultation collected feedback on the existing park and ideas for future improvements. See Phase 1 feedback.
  • Phase 2: Design Concepts (Winter 2017/18): The second phase of community consultation collected feedback on two different park improvement concepts. See Phase 2 feedback.
  • Phase 3: Draft Plan (Spring 2018): The third phase of community consultation collected feedback on the draft Park Improvement Plan. See Phase 3 feedback.