Goose Management

Nesting geese produce feces containing harmful bacteria, displace native birds and plants, harm grassy areas and rare ecosystems, and are aggressive to humans and other wildlife.

A professional dog handler and dog work as a team to safely herd Canada geese away from Beacon Hill Park. The herding takes place from August to November each year as part of an integrated approach to discourage geese from nesting in City parks.

In addition to this herding, the City deters geese from nesting by planting large, grassy areas with ferns and trees to block the birds' sightlines to bodies of water in the park. City Parks staff also use a remote-controlled boat on Goodacre Lake to discourage geese from nesting in the area.

Due to our favourable climate, Canada geese no longer migrate south. A decrease in hunting has also contributed to rising geese populations. Recognizing that non-migratory geese contribute to health, economic, and environmental issues, the Capital Regional District is developing a regional goose management strategy.