Burnside Gorge Parks

Home to the Cecelia Ravine Bike Park and parkland adjacent to the Galloping Goose Trail, Burnside Gorge neighbourhood parks comprise 6.8 hectares of greenspace.


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1. Arbutus Park 2925 Washington Ave X          X  
2. Balfour Playlot Balfour Ave      X        
3. Cecelia Ravine Park 475 Burnside Rd East   X  X      
4. Cecelia Cove Park 335 Waterfront Cres X            
5. Selkirk Green 350 Waterfront Cres X            
6. Sumas Park 250 Menzies St     X        
7. Viaduct Park 301 Gorge Rd East  X            

PLEASE NOTE: The Capital Regional District (CRD) is conducting sewer line renewal along the Galloping Goose Trail through Cecelia Ravine Park. The construction timeline for the project, which began in March 2021, has been extended and is scheduled for completion in mid-June with some restoration work to follow.

An area near the playground and part of the parking lot will remain fenced off during the project so crews can access the sewer line. Park visitors will continue to have access to the playground at all times. For your safety, please stay clear of the work area and follow any requests from the on-site supervisor.

For more information about the project, please contact the CRD or visit: 


Burnside Gorge Parks

Burnside Gorge has five parks, as well as a few small green spaces. Most of the parks within this neighbourhood are adjacent to the Galloping Goose Regional Park and Cecelia Ravine, where the Burnside Gorge Community Centre is also located. There is also a waterfront walkway extending south from the Selkirk Trestle. In the last ten years recent improvements include the CRD Galloping Goose Trail and Selkirk Trestle, the redeveloped Cecelia Creek/Ravine corridor, new parkland established at the Selkirk Development site, and a community centre with an award-winning publicly accessible green roof. Total park space 6.8 hectares.