Fairfield Parks

From off-leash dog areas to serene strolls through Ross Bay Cemetery, Fairfield offers some of the most spectacular coastline views and park spaces in Victoria.

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10. Beacon Hill Park Cook, Dallas & Douglas X X X X X   X
11. Brooke Street Park 1425 Brooke St       X      
12. Bushby Park 160 Bushby St     X        
13. Chapman Park 1200 Chapman St     X        
14. Clover Point 1301 Dallas Rd X       X    
15. Little Ross Bay Beach Dallas Rd & St. Charles St X            
16. Moss Rocks Park 310 Master Rd X            
17. Pioneer Square 975 Quadra St              
18. Robert Porter Park 1350 Fairfield Rd     X        
19. Ross Bay Cemetery 1495 Fairfield Rd   X        

The primary parks in Fairfield include the eastern portion of Beacon Hill Park and the Dallas Road waterfront green space, which includes Clover Point and Ross Bay Cemetery. The Cook Street Playground is a popular play space for the community and features the city's only zipline. Total park space for the community: 56.6 hectares.