Fernwood Parks

Fernwood has many parks and park amenities including an off-leash dog area in Alexander Park and kid's play areas in Stadacona Park.

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20. Alexander Park 1325 Bay St     X      
21. Gower Park 2050 Fernwood Rd              
22. Haegert Park 1202 Yukon St              
23. Kings Park 1150 Caledonia St              
24. Queens Park Queens & Chambers St     X        
25. Stadacona Park 1490 Pandora Ave   X X   X    
26. Stevenson Park 1240 Gladstone Ave     X        
27. Wesley Park 2520 Wesley Pl     X        

In addition to school grounds, Fernwood has several neighbourhood parks including five tennis courts, totally 11.9 hectares of parkland. Stadacona Community Park is well established with large mature trees, display gardens, open lawn areas and meandering paths.