Hillside/Quadra Parks

The Hillside and Quadra neighbourhoods are rich with park space. Topaz Park is the third largest park in Victoria, a popular venue for athletes utilizing its four sports fields throughout the year.

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32. Blackwood Park 2550 Cook St     X        
33. Highview Park 1301 Merrit St     X        
34. Jackson Street Park 3173 Jackson St     X        
35. Mars Street Park Mars and Tolmie St              
36. Quadra Heights Park 825 Villance St     X        
37. Summit Park 3025 Blackwood St   X X       X
38. Topaz Park 3000 Glasgow Ave     X X X X  
39. Wark Street Park 2575 Wark St     X        

In addition to school grounds, the Hillside/Quadra neighbourhoods have: Topaz Park, Summit Park, Quadra Hillside Community Place, several neighbourhood parks, and a community garden, totally 25.6 hectares of parkland. Topaz Park features athletic and recreational amenities used by the entire city.