North/South Jubilee Parks

The Jubilee neighbourhoods have three small parks, a community garden and many green spaces linking arteries in the area.


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49. Agamemnon and Eleni Kasapi Park

1850 Leighton Road              

50. Fern Street Park

1819 Fern St     X        
51. Redfern Park 1700 Block Redfern St     X     X  

Jubilee has three neighbourhood parks, Redfern, Fern and Agamemnon and Eleni Kasapi Park. In addition, Jubilee features a Spirit Garden; an intensively planted linear garden linking Newton Street and Kings Road. Created largely by volunteers who worked with city staff, the Spirit Garden is an important piece of publicly accessible green space in a built-up residential area. There are also a number of City-owned walk throughs from dead end streets onto Shelbourne Street that are important open spaces.