Oaklands Parks

The Oaklands neighbourhood is rich in park space and amenities including tennis courts, sports fields, playgrounds, basketball courts
and off-leash dog areas.

54. Clawthorpe Park 1619 Clawthorpe Ave     X        
55. David Spencer Park 2760 Victor St       X      
56. Hillside Park 1280 Hillside Ave     X X      
57. Mt. Stephens Park 1280 Ryan St     X        
58. Oaklands Park 1550 Kings Rd     X X X    
59. Oaklands (Holly) Green 1515 Holly St   X          
60. Oswald Park 3031 Cedar Hill Rd     X X   X  


Oaklands has two community parks, Oaklands and Hillside, two large neighbourhood parks, Oswald and David Spencer, and a number of some smaller neighbourhood parks.