Victoria West Parks

From one of the largest parks in the city featuring Victoria's skatepark, to incredible waterfront greenspaces along the Selkirk Waterway and Inner Harbour, unique park spaces are a highlight in the west side of the city.


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63. Arm Street Park 1455 Arm St X            
64. Banfield Park 521 Craigflower Rd X   X      
65. Barnard Park 300 Barnard Ave X   X        
66. Burleith Park 570 Selkirk Ave X            
67. Point Ellice Park 387 Harbour Rd X           X
68. Rainbow Park 201 Robert St X            
69. Raynor Park 530 Raynor St              
70. Regatta Point (Railyards) 521 Craigflower Rd X        X    
71. Saghalie Park 130 Esquimalt Rd X X          
72. Sitkum Park 200 Kimta Rd X            
73. Songhees Hillside Park 40 Saghalie Rd X         X  
74. Songhees Walkway Songhees Rd X X          
75. Triangle Park 150 Wilson St              
76. Victoria West Park 155 Wilson St     X X X X  

The parkland in Victoria West is significant. Much of the south shoreline has parks, with waterfront walkways like the Songhees Walkway. The east shore has the Galloping Goose, Point Ellice Park and Regatta Point Park in the Railyards Development. Banfield Park along the Gorge Waterway contains areas for active recreation and nature conservation. Total parkspace in Vic West is 22.4 hectares.

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