Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan

The Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan guides the planning, management, and investment in the City of Victoria parks system for 25 years.

The Vision

Victoria’s parks and open spaces system is dynamic, vibrant, playful, sustainable, inclusive and diverse. It engages residents and visitors with the unique ecosystems, culture, and character of the city, supports health and wellness for all, and protects natural areas as a vital resource. 

As Victoria continues to grow and change, it is imperative that the development and management of park spaces and amenities align with community values and serve to protect the ecology and history of the area.

Plan Goals

The Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan, which was approved by Council in 2017, is guided by the following goals: 

Protect the Environment: Parks and open spaces protect and improve native ecosystems and help the city adapt to climate change.

Foster Engaging Experiences for Everyone: Parks and open spaces provide a range of different experiences, encourage active living, and are multifunctional, inclusive, and accessible.

Celebrate Victoria:  Special places and amenities in parks and open spaces animate the city and support events for both residents and visitors.

Strengthen Partnerships: Community members, stewards, and partners help enhance all parks and open spaces in the city.

Each goal includes guiding principles, objectives and actions. The guiding principles recognize the underlying philosophy and approach to parks and open spaces planning and management. The objectives break each goal into specific focus areas, and the actions outline specific planning and capital projects that will help meet each goal.

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