The Urban Forest Master Plan identifies 26 recommended actions for the improved management of trees on public and private lands over the next 50 years.

Some of these recommendations include:
  • Ensure the Urban Forest Master Plan's vision, goals and strategies are consistent with and are incorporated into key City of Victoria plans and policies including the Official Community Plan, Neighbourhood Plans, the Sustainability Framework, the Climate Change Action Plan, the Parks Master Plan, and the Greenways Plan.
  • Create an overall program leadership position of Urban Forester for the City of Victoria to lead and oversee the implementation of the Urban Forest Master Plan and related program.
  • Develop benchmark measures, assess and regularly report on the quality of the urban forest in the City of Victoria. The City will implement a computer-based tree inventory system for City-owned trees.
  • Recognize that the urban forest is hard working green infrastructure that benefits the City's management of rain water, provides cool shade, and is essential to urban biodiversity. Work with other City departments to enhance the city's urban forest. For example, Parks can work with Engineering staff to recognize the water management benefits that large trees provide on private property through the Storm Water Utility initiative.
  • Develop and implement a five-year Municipal Forest Plan for the Parks Division's management of the City's 40,000 public trees. For example, a program will be developed to enhance the care of City trees in the downtown and business core areas of the city.
  • Plant trees. Develop programs to result in more of the “right” trees being planted on both public and private lands than are removed in the City of Victoria. Maintain a positive balance sheet of trees planted to trees removed.
  • Review and revise the City's Tree Preservation Bylaw. Develop and implement a community-based Heritage Tree program in the City of Victoria.
  • Develop, implement and improve oversight of urban forest design guidelines for urban development in the City of Victoria.
  • Continue and expand the program to engage, involve (in stewardship), and educate the community about urban forest initiatives, strategies and best practices to achieve the 2060 urban forest vision.
To view all 26 recommended actions, please see the Urban Forest Master Plan [PDF - 6 MB].