Tree Planting & Removal




Managing a healthy urban forest is a high priority for the City.  We manage over 33,000 City-owned trees, most of which are on 300 kilometers of boulevards and in our parks. 

In addition to being beautiful, these trees help improve air quality, absorb water during storms and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our environment.  They also help shade our streets and buildings, helping to cool our city.

Guided by the Urban Forest Master Plan, our arboriculture team develops plans that involve identifying areas for planting new trees to expand the inventory, as well as identifying existing trees that are at the end of their healthy life. Removing unhealthy trees reduces safety risks and opens up space to plant new, young trees which will grow into our future urban forest.

2017/2018 Replanting Program Update

The tree planting program runs from November to March. To date, 41 trees have been replaced, 61 are scheduled to be planted this winter, and 16 locations were deemed unsuitable for replanting (or trees have become wildlife trees). In one location, the original tree was retained following further evaluation. 

2018 Winter Tree Maintenance Program

This past fall, the City completed an evaluation and identified that 251 trees were either dead or in significant decline and require removal.  All trees were inspected by certified arborists, using an internationally recognized assessment process. Each member of the experienced team of arborists holds a current ‘Tree Risk Assessor Qualification’ through the International Society of Arboriculture.  

Removal of any tree is always a last resort. Pruning and other options, such as the partial removal of trees, are always considered first.  The City's practice with each removal is for a new tree to be planted, with consideration for the species that will have the best chance for success given a particular location. 

The trees will be removed this winter and replacement trees will be planted starting in the fall of 2018.  See the 2018 Tree Removals map and legend of these locations for more information.

What You Need to Know

  • Tree removal notices will be posted on trees, 10 days before any planned removal.
  • Immediate neighbours will also receive notification.
  • Please ensure that vehicles are not parked under or across from the tree during the removal process. 
  • The wood produced will be left on the boulevard in manageable sizes pieces for residents to take, on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve the health of our urban trees. Learn more about our urban forest here.

Removal or Pruning of Private Trees

Would you like to request the removal or pruning of a private tree?  Click here to read our Tree Preservation Bylaw  and search under 'Trees'.