Development Applications

Whether you are looking to build an addition to your home or redevelop multiple lots, starting out the development process can seem a bit daunting.

We are here to walk you through the process, every step of the way. We will endeavour to answer your questions, serve you in a timely manner, and provide solutions to challenging situations you may encounter along the way.

Where to Start

Development ServicesFirst, you need to know what the project involves. Are you applying for a variance, a rezoning, or for a development application? If you aren't sure, please contact Development Services staff who can help you further.

If you know what you are applying for and what your project involves, then click here to make sure your property has the correct zoning for what you are looking to do.

What's Next?

Once you know what zoning restrictions may apply to your property, you are now ready to file your application or ask for a rezoning.


If you are rezoning, one of your first steps will be meeting with the neighbourhood Community Association Land Use Committee. Gaining community support is an important part of any development permit process.

If you wish to look into rezoning, please contact Development Services for your next steps.

You Should Know

Click here for a list of general planning guidelines and regulations. Please review this list and see if any of these apply to your project before you make your application.

Additional Resources