Green Buliding Policy for Private Development

The City is pursuing a policy of downtown and vacant commercial lot intensification, walkable neighbourhoods on former derelict harbour front industrial lands, residential intensification in the downtown, and increasing the overall population that can access employment and services within walking or convenient cycling and transit distance of home.

The City of Victoria has planning traditions which support many elements of urban sustainability, including:

  • conserving built heritage
  • building "complete communities" with a full range of land uses - from housing to heavy industry
  • maintaining a pedestrian-friendly network of treed boulevards and walkways
  • mixing land uses
  • an overall built density that is amongst the highest of any Canadian city
  • remediation and reuse of vacant commercial lots
  • a strong downtown with efforts to balance jobs and residents
  • a commitment to the "triple bottom line" with emphasis on social and environmental solutions
  • support for alternative transportation modes with emphasis on cycling and transit
  • support for strong neighbourhoods
  • a balance of sports, arts and cultural facilities
  • supporting regional smart growth objectives that will create a pedestrian and transit friendly metropolitan core for the region

The City is exploring ways to support and encourage sustainable development in both public and private buildings.