Getting Started

When you are ready to start a building or renovation project, we are here to help.

Development Services

  • Zoning for your property, what uses you can conduct and what buildings or structures can be constructed
  • Application and approval processes to build or redevelop your property
  • Development approval applications and the role of the neighbourhood associations
  • Proposed developments in your neighbourhood or what kind of development may take place in your neighbourhood

Permits and Inspections

  •  Building, Plumbing, and Electrical Permits and inspections
  • Renovations, additions or other changes to your house or building
  • Excavation, demolition or blasting
  • Installing and sign or awning
  • Chaning the use of the unit or building
  • Building a deck or other small renovations

Community Planning

  • Growth management and development goals and policies for Victoria
  • Information about the Official Community Plan, the Downtown Core Area Plan or other local area plans
  • If you have any questions related to Heritage Planning