Land Development

Whether you are looking to develop a subdivision, open a sidewalk cafe or apply for a strata conversion for your existing home, the Land Development Division of the Engineering Department can assist you through the process. Land Development also handles driveway crossing permits and contractor's permits.

Development Cost Charges

For information on development cost charges, click here.

Strata Titling Process

For information about converting an existing unit into a strata property, click here.

Subdivision Applications

Typically a preliminary application is received by the City's Approving Officer for any subdivision of land or boundary adjustment in Victoria. Prior to submitting a preliminary application, please contact City Zoning staff at 250.361.0316 with regards to any subdivision of property to ensure compliance to existing Zoning Regulations.

You may need to seek Council approval for your proposed subdivision if your proposal requires an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw. This will need to be completed before the City's Approving Officer can issue a formal response.

A preliminary site service plan will be required as part of your application to subdivide, as you will need to confirm that your property can be fully serviced. Servicing guidelines are available below.

A Site Disclosure Statement, under the BC Waste Management Act, shall be completed and submitted with your proposed subdivision application. This Site Disclosure Statement identifies whether the land (s) have been used for industrial and commercial purposes or has had fuel storage buried within the land(s).

For additional information on the Ministry of Environment's Land Remediation requirements please visit their website at:

Site Disclosure Statement - Province of British Columbia (

Fill out the Site Disclosure Form.

Driveway Crossing Permits

The Land Development Division of the Engineering Department reviews and approves all new Driveway Crossing Applications not associated with building permit activity within the City of Victoria.

For new driveway crossing upgrades that are not part of the Building Permit Process an application and approval is required prior to you upgrading your driveway.

New driveways will need to conform to the Highway Access Bylaw [PDF - 17 KB].

Further references:


The application shall include:

  • A completed application form
  • A scaled plan 1:100
  • All existing and proposed street features (street lights, utility poles, trees, hydrants, water meters, sign posts...)
  • existing, proposed and redundant driveway crossings with dimensions from property lines
  • curbs, sidewalks and onsite parking

Contractor's Permits

A construction permit is required by a contractor who plans to work on the City Right-of-way. This permit is issued in relation to required works or restoration related to a building permit. A Street Occupancy Permit may also be required, please contact the Transportation Division regarding this permit.

In order to issue a Construction Permit, we require the following to be included with your completed application:

  • a current Worksafe BC Clearance Letter
  • proof of General Liability Insurance with a minimum of $5,000,000

Contractor's Permit (Schedule "G" - Victoria Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw [PDF - 249 KB]


Building Permits

The Land Development Division of the Engineering Department coordinates the review of Building Permit Applications and involves the following divisions within the Engineering Department:

  • Underground Utilities: To ensure the water service, sanitary service and storm drain service has the required services as directed by the Plumbing Inspector and to ensure there are no conflicts with other utilities.
  • Transportation: To ensure safe vehicle and pedestrian movements to and from and around the site function and the parking functions on the site. Review for conflicts with access points and City of Victoria streets and sidewalks. To ensure the access to the site conforms to the Highway Access Bylaw.
  • Streets and Sidewalk Management: To ensure the proposed infrastructure meets the standards of construction for the City of Victoria.
  • Land Development: This division co-ordinates agreements between developers and the City of Victoria and processes deposits for new works and damage. The section also does the review of Single Family Dwellings and Duplexes.

Development Permits and Rezoning Applications

The Land Development Division of the Engineering Department coordinates the review of Development, Development Variance Permit and Rezoning Applications.

At these stages, an engineering review for general servicing requirements will be required. The divisions within the Engineering Department will identify items which will be required as part of a building permit.

  • Reviews and identifies existing service main locations.
  • Identifes the need for Statutory Rights of Way for services, road and access.
  • Reviews existing and proposed conditions as they relate to engineering, land use, density site services, traffic safety, form and function.
  • Provides additional information and engineering requirements to the applicant related to future stages of the project (Development and Building permit requirements).

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