Strata Titling Process

The Land Development Division of the Engineering Department reviews and approves all strata conversion applications within the City of Victoria.

You will need to engage a qualified professional to provide proposed and existing site data, suite descriptions, etc. It is important to note the Residential Strata Titling Policy below when doing conversions.

To begin the process of strata titling, click here.

Section 242 of the Strata Titling Act refers to the Strata Conversion of previously occupied buildings, and requires that a preliminary application be received and approved by the City's Approving Officer before a conversion can proceed.

Prior to an application for Strata Conversion, please contact our:

  • Planning staff at 250.361.0212 about any conversion to ensure compliance to existing Building Codes, Zoning, Onsite Parking and Heritage Building regulations (if applicable); and
  • Regulatory Services staff at 250.361.0324 about compliance with the BC Building Code.