Strata Titling Process & Application

The Land Development division is available to assist you with the Strata Titling Process.

In order to assist you, we suggest you review the application package as your fist step in the process. Once you have a basic understanding of what is required to be submitted, please call the department prior to submitting the formal application to discuss any questions you may have.

If a Building Permit application is also being submitted with this strata title application please ensure that you have indicated your desire to strata title on the Building Permit application.

Strata Conversion of Existing Buildings [PDF - 91 KB]

Please note that applications may require City Council approval unless it has delegated its authority to the Approving Officer.  If Council approval is required then staff need to prepare a formal report which first goes to a committee of the whole meeting and then (often two weeks later) to the following Council meeting.

The issuance of a building permit does not mean that an application to strata title will automatically be approved.

Processing time can take up to three months from the submission of the application forms and all the required information.