Off-Street Parking Review

New off-street parking regulations are in place for vehicles and bicycles

Updated off-street parking regulations help to support active transportation (e.g. cycling, walking, transit), encourage economic development, enable affordable housing and maintain healthy communities.

Key changes to the off-street parking regulations include:

  • New parking stall requirements that reflect the actual parking demand
  • Fewer parking stalls required for smaller condominium units
  • Fewer parking stalls required for affordable housing
  • Fewer parking stalls required for rental housing
  • New parking stall requirements for Urban Villages and Town Centres
  • New off-street parking requirements for downtown contained within new Zoning Bylaw 2018
  • No off-street motor vehicle parking required within Old Town except on lots that are 1,100m2 or greater
  • New regulations relating to bicycle parking stalls in multi-residential and commercial development

For off-street parking regulations in the Downtown Area (Old Town and Central Business District) please refer to Zoning Bylaw 2018 (18-072)

For all other areas of the City please refer to Schedule C of the Zoning Regulation Bylaw (80-159)

The off-street parking regulations apply to private property only and do not include public on-street parking, City parkades or parking lots.