Blasting is the controlled detonation of explosives to alter existing topographical conditions. A Blasting Permit is required prior to all blasting.

Blasting near you?

Vibrations and the sudden discharge of energy generated by blasting can be very concerning and startling to those nearby. Noise generated by the blasting is impulsive with no specific cap for noise level under the Noise Bylaw or Blasting Bylaw. Blasting and construction may be carried out weekdays 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Blasting is prohibited on Sundays and holidays.

Blasting companies are required to notify in writing, all properties located within a 100 meter radius of the blast area. This notification outlines the duration of the project, expected date of blasting, signals to warn of impending blast and contact information for the blasting company.

A Blasting Permit requires the blasting company to provide evidence of third party public liability and property damage insurance in an amount of not less than $5 million for any claims which may arise from the proposed blasting. 

Contacts regarding concerns about blasting practices

Contact the blasting company for questions or concerns on specific blasting projects. This includes, duration of blasting, pre-blast surveys, property damage and warning signals. Please call the blasting company as per the notice provided by the blasting company.

Safe blasting practices are dictated by WorkSafeBC and enforced by the same. Those that complete the blasting are certified and are issued blasters certificates through WorkSafeBC. Please contact WorkSafeBC (Victoria) with any safety concerns.

Contact Permits and Inspections at 250.361.0344 extension 0 if you require additional information on the Blasting Permit process or to determine if a blasting permit is in place for a particular address.


Blasting Permit Application [PDF - 193 KB]


Blasting (Construction) Operations Bylaw – Bylaw No. 06-008 [PDF - 159 KB]

Noise Bylaw (Consolidated) - No. 03-012 [PDF - 2 MB]

City of Victoria Noise District Map [PDF - 1.8 MB]