Prior to commencing work related to your project you must obtain a Building Permit.

The Building and Plumbing Regulation Bylaw, Amendment Bylaw (No. 1) No. 18-107 [PDF - 367 KB] is now in effect for the Building and Plumbing Regulation Bylaw No.17-113

Application Requirements  

Please refer to the following Application Checklists to ensure you have a complete application. Applications will be screened for completeness at the Development Centre counter or over email prior to formal acceptance. Plans that fail to meet the Application Checklist standards will not be accepted and will require amendments and resubmission.

Please check that you have all the information required in the Application Checklists before applying for your permit. Should you need further information prior to application, please contact Permits and Inspections staff for building permit application information.

Please visit our ePermits page for information regarding the submission of paperless building permit applications.

Pre-Application Meetings

The City facilitates a pre-application meeting with staff at your request. This meeting can be used as a tool in the planning process and helps to expedite the building permit application process. Please contact the Permits and Inspections staff for more information or to book an appointment.


Application Form


Application Checklists

Paperless Applications:

Paper Applications:

Additional Information and Resources