Building Permit Application Requirements

Prior to starting any stage of your project, including excavation or demolition, you must obtain a building permit.

Permit Intake and Application requirements for all Building Permits

For a smoother permit application process, please check that you have all the information using our checklists before applying for your permit. It is optimal that you apply in person; permit packages that are sent by courier in may be refused if they are not complete or incorrect.

Should you need further information regarding building permit application requirements, please contact the Permits and Inspections staff.

Pre-application Meetings
For larger projects, the City offers a pre-application permit intake meeting with staff. Pre-application meetings help identify significant issues early in the design phase ultimately expediting the permit process. Please contact the Permits and Inspections staff for more information. 

If your project requires rezoning of the property, your rezoning application must be approved before your building permit application will be considered.

When applying for a building permit, you will need to provide:

  • The Site Address
  • Building Permit Application Form
  • Owner's Authorization Form
  • 3 sets of Construction Plans
  • Value of Construction (excluding electrical and plumbing values)
  • 25% of the building permit fee ( $30.00 + 1.25% of the construction costs, excluding plumbing and electrical).
    Full fee is required up front for Tenant Improvement Permits.
  • A 5% fee reduction up to $500 will be granted when sealed plans and Letters of Assurance are provided from a professional Engineer or Architect.

The above noted list of requirements is not limited in its content.

When paying for a Building Permit, you may also be required to provide:

  • Payment for new works and services (e.g. sewer, drain, water sidewalks, etc.)
  • Damage deposits for possible damage to City streets, utilities, parks and boulevards