The Electrical Safety Regulation is in effect.

Electrical Permit Applications

To apply for an Electrical Permit, you must be a registered electrical contractor, or a homeowner meeting the requirements of the current Safety Standards Act and the Electrical Safety Regulation.

Electrical Permit fees are found on our Fee Schedule.

Inspection Requests Are Available Online

Inspection requests can be submitted online via MyCity. For more information, including Homeowner inspection requests, please visit our Inspections page.

When do I Need an Electrical Permit?

A Electrical Permit is required prior to commencing work on:

  • Wiring new receptacles, switches or lighting fixtures
  • Removing part of an electrical system
  • Temporary entertainment or construction service
  • Any work that requires a utility (BC Hydro) to connect or reconnect a service
  • Any electrical work on life safety systems

An Electrical Permit would not be required (when completed by a qualified person) for minor modifications such as:

  • Replacing existing receptacles in the same location
  • Installing dimmer switches or fan speed controllers
  • Installing snap switches cord attachment plugs
  • Replacing existing light fixtures (lamps) in the same location
  • Fuses up to a maximum 750 volts with equipment of a similar type of rating

Additional Information and Resources

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