Inspections ensure that the work described under a Permit matches the work that is done.

Requesting Your First Inspection

  • For all buildings built prior to 1990, we require a Hazmat survey or a Clearance Report prior to booking the first inspection on your project.

Inspection Booking Requirements & Information

  • Please review the list of Required Inspections prior to booking
  • The permit package is required to be on site for all inspections
  • The permit package contains Important information including the approved plans and application remarks
  • The inspection booking will be confirmed on the date of the inspection between 8am and 10am

Building Permit Revisions

Requesting Building Inspections

  • Online: MyCity Inspections can be requested online through MyCity until 7am on the morning of the requested date.

  • Phone: 250.361.0344 Inspections can be requested by phone until 4pm the business day prior to the requested inspection date. 

Requesting Plumbing or Electrical Inspections