Permissive Tax Exemptions

In some instances, Council has chosen to grant property tax exemptions.

These instances include non-profit organizations, to encourage the construction of new affordable rental housing, and for seismic upgrading and upper-storey residential conversion of downtown Heritage Designated buildings.

Under the Community Charter, Section 224, Council may choose to grant property tax exemption to non-profit organizations. The application process begins in April and the bylaw is passed by October 31 of each year. The organizations approved for exemption by Council will receive an exemption for three years and must reapply triennially.  The due date to apply is May 31.

Changes to Permissive Tax Exemptions on
Parking Lots Beginning in 2023

Where surface parking lots are 50% or more of the total property area, the property tax exemption for the parking lot portion of the property will be reduced to 0% over a five-year period.

Please see the Permissive Tax Exemption Policy below for further information.

Permissive Tax Exemption Application Form

  • Permissive Tax Exemption Application Form for 2024-2025 coming soon

Heritage Tax Exemption

The City of Victoria is pleased to offer a Tax Incentive Program (TIP) to eligible owners of downtown Heritage Designated buildings to offset seismic upgrading costs for the purpose of residential conversion of existing upper storeys.