Business & Service Continuity

A continuity plan helps ensure that your business or organization's critical functions will be available to your customers and suppliers in the event of an emergency.

Why are Business Continuity Plans important?

Local business are important in the preparedness, response, and recovery of a community. A continuity plan can be used for any type of business disruption or crisis such as a power outage, flood, earthquake, or fire. Businesses and organizations without a plan could face large financial loss or close, hurting themselves and the many people they serve and employ. A continuity plan will help ensure that the critical functions of your business or organization are able to provide for your customers and/or community during a crisis. Contact us for more information on how to create a Business Continuity Plan or arrange a presentation for your workplace.

Start Planning for Business Continuity Now

Get started in preparing your small business or organization's continuity plan with the resources below: