Prepare Your Community

Did you know that during an emergency your neighbours are your first responders? Building relationships with your neighbours will help you cope during an emergency. Strong and connected neighbourhoods and communities are more resilient and recover more quickly following emergencies.

Here are some ways to connect as neighbours and become more prepared:

  • Create a neighbourhood map identifying a muster station and people with pets, skills, and resources. Also note who may require extra assistance.
  • Learn together! Organize a first aid course for those interested in your neighbourhood
  • Create a neighbourhood tool library of supplies you can share everyday and during and emergency
  • Save money by bulk purchasing emergency supplies and kits together

Block Party Resources

Connectedness between neighbours is critical for everyday preparedness and resilience and helps make neighbourhoods safe and comfortable places to live. By hosting a block party you are already taking the fist step to connecting and becoming more resilient! Victoria Ready would love to help contribute to your next gathering by providing emergency preparedness resources, materials and games to share with your neighbours.

Connect and Prepare

Victoria Ready has partnered with Building Resilient Neighbourhoods to deliver Connect and Prepare, a resilience and emergency preparedness pilot program for neighbourhoods. Learn more about the program and how to get involved here.

Emergency Reception Centres and Group Lodging

In the event of a major emergency, the City of Victoria will open reception centres and group lodging facilities for people who have evacuated their homes and have no where else to go. If your home is safe to stay in, you have insurance that will cover your stay at a hotel, or you have family, friends, or neighbours you can stay with, then this should be your first course of action.

Reception centres are locations where evacuees are received, registered, and referred depending on their needs. Group lodging facilities will have cots and blankets set up in large areas to accommodate evacuees for a longer period of time. The City will set up reception centres and group lodging in community halls, recreations centres, churches, gyms, and schools depending on availability and the type of incident that has occurred. Reception centres are run by community Emergency Support Service volunteers through the City of Victoria and the Canadian Red Cross. Information on reception centres and group lodging will be available on our social media channels in the event of an emergency,