Emergency Kits

Following a disaster, first responders will be overwhelmed with calls and your safety, health, comfort, and general well-being may be entirely in your own hands. This is why personal preparedness in advance of an emergency is incredibly important. People who prepare will get through an emergency better than those who have not put even the most basic measures in place.

Sheltering in Place

If you are able to shelter in place at home after a large scale emergency and the power is out, use the food from your fridge and freezer first, then begin eating nonperishable foods. It is recommended that you minimize the number of times you open your fridge or freezer so that the cold air remains trapped inside for as long as possible to preserve the food. A suggestion is to make a quick list of the foods in your fridge or freezer so you know what you have.

Consider special circumstances for yourself and your loved ones. Does anyone require a special diet or medications? Perhaps someone uses medical equipment that requires power to operate. These are all important things to think about for emergency preparedness.

Personalizing Your Kits

The kit information below is a starting point and is not meant to be the be all and end all of emergency supplies. Your needs may differ. Perhaps you have a larger family, in which case you need more food and blankets, or maybe you have an allergy and need to include an epipen in your kits. Think about your needs and put some thought into your kits. For example, don’t include salty foods that will increase your thirst or pasta as it requires water to cook. You may have a limited supply of water and might not want to use it to boil pasta.

We recommend rethinking your supplies yearly – have your needs changed? Have a system in place to check the expiry dates on your supplies, including food, water, and first aid supplies. You can do this when you change your clocks in the fall. That’s also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

What to Include?

Below are some ideas on what to include in your emergency kit at home, work and for your pets.

Get Your Kit Together Video Series

Watch the "Get Your Kit Together" video series for more tips on what your emergency kits should include.