Neighbourhood Preparedness

Connect and Prepare:
Resilience and Emergency Preparedness for Neighbourhoods

Victoria Ready has partnered with the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods non-profit organization to deliver Connect and Prepare, a resilience and emergency preparedness pilot program for neighbourhoods.

Connect and Prepare is about bringing neighbours together to support and empower them in their emergency preparedness. Through a series of facilitated workshops, and with the support of micro-grants and program materials, Victoria neighbourhoods can learn how to strengthen their emergency preparedness and community connections.

Three Victoria neighbourhoods participated in the Connect and Prepare pilot roll-out from December 2017 to April 2018. Additional Victoria neighbourhoods will have the opportunity to participate in the program when it's offered again in early 2019.


Connect and Prepare focuses on inclusive relationship and resilience-building within neighbourhoods.

Building relationships allows us to connect with others in our community to develop well-being and a support network when an emergency occurs.

Resilience is about strengthening the community’s capacity to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. Connectedness between neighbours is critical for emergency preparedness and resilience and helps make neighbourhoods safe and comfortable places to live. 

What You Learn

Connect and Prepare helps residents identify their neighbourhood’s assets, skills, and  challenges they may face based on their community’s risks, and to develop solutions and actions that will be most valuable to their community to prepare for, respond to and recover from a major emergency.

Participants explore opportunities to become more connected and mutually supportive before, during, and after emergencies, as well as in situations that may impact their health or security.

Victoria Ready is the City of Victoria’s Emergency Management Program, which is a division of the Victoria Fire Department.

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods is a non-profit organization that brings citizens, groups, organizations, businesses and local governments together to create more resilient communities together. Learn more.



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