Fire Inspections and Regulations

The Fire Prevention Division is comprised of the Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention, a Captain Inspector, a Lieutenant Inspector, and four inspectors. All work out of the Fire Hall offices at 1234 Yates Street. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

What Fire Inspectors Do

Day to day, the fire inspectors visit apartments, condominiums, office buildings, malls, and commercial business to ensure they are safe from fire, and that any fire protection systems installed in these locations are kept up to date on their required service. To achieve this, each inspector is required to have a working knowledge of the current editions of the Fire Services Act of BC, the BC Fire Code, the BC Building Code, and their referenced documents.

A large portion of an inspector’s job is also public education. Not only do inspectors educate Victoria citizens during inspections on how to be fire safe, but they are frequently called upon to do safety presentations in offices, care facilities, schools, apartments, and condominium buildings.

The inspection officers are also trained fire investigators. Their work may be conducted during, or outside of normal working hours.  The inspectors are expected to participate in an “on-call” rotation and when called, are required to respond to investigate the cause of fires in Victoria.

Inspectors frequently receive additional training and attend seminars on both inspections and investigations throughout the year.  This training allows our members to keep up to date on the most current recommendations from experts in the field, and also allows them to retain their skill levels.  All inspectors are designated as Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner, and are trained to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards. They are members of the FPOABC (Fire Prevention Officers Association of British Columbia), and the IAAI (International Association of Arson Investigators).

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For More Information

If you have any questions for any of the inspectors, or would like to request a fire safety presentation, please call the Fire Prevention Office at 250.920.3360 or email us