Fire Stations and Fleet

The Victoria Fire Department has three fire stations which serve the community.

Fire Station No. 1

1234 Yates Street

Fire Station No. 1 is the largest of the Victoria Fire Department's three stations and serves as its headquarters. It houses the Administration, Prevention, Training, Mechanical and Suppression offices, as well as Emergency Management. This two-storey, 16,663 square-foot building was constructed in 1958 and has undergone several upgrades in the years that followed. The majority of the fire apparatus is housed in one of the seven vehicle bays here, which include a number of historical pumpers.

In the middle of the vehicle bay floor there is small office which is occupied at all times by an Alarm Room Operator, who provides dispatch and switchboard services for the Victoria Fire Department.

Admin Offices

Directly off the apparatus floor are the administration offices which houses three clerks, as well as offices for the Fire Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, the Chief Training Officer and a conference room.  The administration office is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fire Prevention Division

Above the administration offices is the Fire Prevention Division.  We have one Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention, one Captain Inspector, one Lieutenant Inspector, and four Inspectors who are available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Training Room 

With the exception of a large training room and kitchen, the remainder of the second storey of the building is primarily quarters and offices for the on duty Fire Suppression members.  There are three separate dorm rooms, a lounge, showers and a locker area.

Mechanics Shop

On the lower floor is a large mechanical shop which consists of two uniformed members, a Master Mechanic and a Mechanic Technician. The mechanics hold provincial certifications as Commercial Transport Mechanics and Automotive Service Technicians. In addition to the certifications issued by the province, both mechanics are Master Level, Emergency Vehicle Technicians. These certifications are supplemented by attending specialized factory training courses annually and training seminars specific to fire apparatus.

The mechanics perform preventative maintenance service and inspections, minor and major repairs, annual fire pump testing and specialized component diagnostics for the Victoria Fire Department’s fleet of 31 vehicles, 1 fire boat and all fire fighting equipment. The mechanical division also provides services for the City of Victoria’s Emergency program vehicles, Urban Search and Rescue vehicles and three neighbouring fire department fleets as well.

The Mechanical Division staff provides specialized training to the fire fighters on current and new equipment. When required, the Mechanical Division will also respond to major incidents to the support the suppression members. 

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Fire Station No. 2

650 Michigan Street


Fires Station No. 2 is the newest of our three fire halls, with construction being completed in July of 1997.  Hall No. 2 was formerly a very small, one bay building located at the corner of Oswego and Superior Streets in James Bay.  With support of the James Bay Community, a new hall was approved for the first station’s new home at the 600 block of Michigan Street.  The buildings architect, David Hambleton, incorporated much brick into the design so that it would aesthetically fit into the historical look of the area.  Fire fighter Dave Norren was tasked to liaise with the architect to ensure that the current and future needs

of the fire department were met during the design stages. 

This building was built to the most up to date seismic standards, and it was also constructed with co-ed dorms and facilities. This hall has two large vehicle bays that houses Ladder Two, Engine Two and one back-up pumper.  On the apparatus floor there is also a gymnasium that was funded by the Fire Fighters Benevolent Society.  Off the apparatus floor is a large kitchen, training/meeting room and lounge.  At the front of the building, there is also a small museum that houses our old steam pumper.  On the second level you will find two dormitories and shower facilities.

Fire Station No. 3

740 Bay Street

Hall No. 3 was formerly located in a small two-story brick building that was located at the corner of Dunedin and Douglas Streets. The new replacement hall was designed by architect Ramsey Murray and completed in October 1972.  There have been several upgrades made to the hall over the years, one of those being the seismic upgrades in 1991 and again in 2007.  In this one-level building, you will find two vehicle bays and a living area that contains an office, kitchen and lounge, as well as dormitories and showers for the crew.  The basement has some storage of equipment as well as fire fighter funded exercise equipment.

The back parking lot of this hall is frequently used as a training ground for the suppression fire fighters.  There are old vehicles that members practice on with rescue tools and a large four-storey training tower for members to practice multiple skills on.  Built in 2007 and  based on a design by Victoria fire fighter, Captain Scott Woodburn, this steel tower enables fire fighters to simulate high-rise fire fighting and technical high angle rope rescues, both of which skilled Victoria fire fighters, in partnership with the Saanich Fire Department, use to provide high angle rope rescue service to the Capital Region.