Bronto E-ONE Skylift

The Victoria Fire Department is now home to one of the largest articulating boom firetrucks on Vancouver Island, featuring a 100-foot ladder and 15-foot jib (boom arm) for increased accessibility. Its recent purchase of the 2006 E-ONE Bronto Skylift aerial truck enables Victoria fire crews to reach tall structures, maneuver over trees and power lines, significantly enhancing its high angle fire and rescue operations downtown. 

Through the collaborative efforts of the mechanical division, apparatus committee, and Fire Department administration and other City department staff, the Victoria Fire Department was able to get the truck on the road for approximately $600,000, a cost-savings of approximately $1.4 million had they purchased it new.

The Bronto’s powerful pump is capable of moving 2,000 gallons of water per minute, making it the largest pump in the Victoria Fire Department’s fleet. Its 100-degree articulating basket provides fire fighters the ability to “square up” the lift to a structure, resulting in safer rescues. The bucket’s platform has a load capacity of 1,000 pounds and can hold up to four fire fighters. In addition to above-ground rescues, the 15-foot jib has the versatility to perform below-ground rescues, which could include reaching over bodies of water or down banks with limited access.

The Bronto Skylift was previously owned by Brookline Massachusetts Fire Department and has undergone repainting and rebranding over the past four months. The new aerial apparatus will be stored at the James Bay Fire Station and replaces the Fire Department’s 1991 E-ONE ladder truck, which has been in operation in Victoria since 1992.