Fire Boat

The Victoria Fire Department is proud to be able to serve Victoria's citizens and visitors with its custom-built, multi-purpose, high speed fire boat, the Protector.

Victoria's Inner Harbour is a year-round tourism destination, water airport, commercial base, and home to many who live on the water or along the water's edge. Given its multi-use, providing fire protection and rescue services to the Inner Harbour and adjoining waterways is paramount to ensuring public safety and the protection of property and the marine environment.

The Protector is a FireStorm 30. Featuring a light-weight, proprietary Kingston hull, twin Cummins QSB 5.9 litre diesel engines, and twin Hamilton HJ 274 jets, the boat can reach a top speed of 70.81 kph (44 mph). It is able to perform in shallow waters, manoeuvre in tight harbours, and operate in inclement weather such as driving rain and dense fog.

An insulated cabin serves as a fully enclosed pilot house with all controls within easy reach of the helmsperson. A designated berth/seat is located on the port side to secure a patient on a backboard. The boat is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and navigation equipment as well as dimmer-controlled lighting for night operation.

While the primary function of the boat is fire fighting, it also serves as a diving platform and assists in the containment of marine pollution such as oil spills, when requested by other agencies. Its foam reservoir situated at the bow enables fire fighters to extinguish oil-based marine fires.

What is the boat's pumping capacity?

Fire BoatThe boat's Darley pump is capable of pumping over 6,623 litres per minute (1,750 gallons) in contrast to the previous vessel in use that was outfitted with a portable pump with limited pumping capacity - 946 litres per minute (250 gallons).

A roof-mounted electronic monitor (jet) and a removable handheld monitor on the bow allow for maximum waterfront fire fighting.

In the event of a major earthquake, the boat's auxiliary pump may be the only way to pump water to suppress fires in the downtown core. The boat can also transport emergency supplies and personnel.

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