Fire Safety

In 2011, the BC Fire Commissioners Office reported that residential fires accounted for nearly 83% of fire-related injuries in British Columbia.

Home Fire Safety

That year, there were 2,090 residential fires reported in the province, resulting in 21 fatalities. Cooking was found to be the leading cause of home fires and fire related injuries.

That year, incidents where a smoke alarm did not activate, or was not installed, there were 1,110 fires resulting in over $150,000,000 in total dollar losses, 61 injuries, and 11 fatalities.

Did you know that the chances of dying in a home fire may be reduced by 74% if a working smoke alarm is present in the home? 

Help protect you and your family by reviewing our Home Fire Safety Checklist [PDF - 365 KB] and other valuable safety information in the links below:

Fire Prevention Programs

The Victoria Fire Department offers fire prevention programs to help keep you, your family, your property and your neighbourhood safe.