Are barbeques allowed in a residential backyard?
Yes they are. The Victoria Fire Department does not regulate the use of barbeques for non-commercial use.  It is recommended that anyone using a barbeque follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use. This would include keeping the appliance a safe distance from any combustible materials or structures when in use. We also recommend closing any nearby doors and windows to eliminate accidental smoke alarm activation.

The BC Fire Code does address the issue of storage of compressed gas cylinders – including propane tanks that are five pounds or larger in size – and states that these tanks may not be stored inside a building or other structure.  Further information on compressed gas storage and use can be obtained from the BC Safety Authority.

Can I use an outdoor burning appliance (i.e. Chimineas and fire bowls) in my backyard?
These appliances are not allowed for use in the City of Victoria as we do not allow “open air” burning.  You can however use a gas-fuelled fire bowl (no sparks) as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to keep combustibles away from the flame.

Can I get a permit for a beach fire in Victoria?
No, we do not allow any open burning within the City of Victoria. Permits are not issued for beach fires.

Where can I dispose of expired flares?
Expired marine flares can be taken to Pacific Coast Liferaft located at 956 Devonshire Road, Victoria BC.  There is a fee for this disposal.  For more information you can reach them at 250.360.1573 or visit their website at www.liferaft.ca

Where can I recycle my old fire extinguisher?
Visit the CRD website at www.myrecyclopedia.ca for information on recycling old and expired fire extinguishers.

Am I allowed to have a live Christmas tree?
We do not regulate the use of live trees.  However, if you live in a rental or are part of a strata, there may be conditions in your lease agreement or strata bylaws that do not allow the use of live trees.

Anytime you do choose to use a live tree, make sure that you keep it well watered and away from any heat sources or open flames.