Juvenile Firesetters

If you are concerned because your child has experimented with fire, our prevention program can help.

Juvenile firesetting is a serious problem, regardless of the child’s motivation to start fires. Firesetting can begin at a very early age and may continue into adulthood. Recognizing juvenile firesetting early and taking appropriate corrective measures can greatly reduce the risk of future firesetting incidences. Prevention, education and intervention are keys to reducing the problem and the Victoria Juvenile Firesetter Program can provide an avenue for all three.

For more information, or to receive assistance with a particular situation, contact the Fire Prevention Office at 250.920.3360 from Monday -- Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact 250.391.6624 on evenings and weekends.

Did you know?

  • Playing with fire is the leading cause of death in pre-schoolers.
  • Studies have shown that 81 percent of children will re-offend if they are not involved in an intervention of some kind.
  • One-third of children who die in fires have lit the fires themselves.

This program consists of:

  1. A pre-interview via telephone or in person.
  2. An interview with child.
  3. An interview with parents.
  4. An age specific educational presentation based on interview.
  5. If necessary, a referral to an appropriate social agency.